HP Care Pack - 3 Year Pickup and Return Notebook Service, Offsite, Depot Repair - U9ED9E

HP Care Pack - 3 Year Pickup and Return Notebook Service, Offsite, Depot Repair - U9ED9E

  • MFG # U9ED9E
  • Vendor: HP
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HP Care Pack - 3 Year Pickup and Return Notebook Service- U9ED9E


General Information

Manufacturer: HP
Manufacturer Part: U9ED9E
Service Name: HP Care Pack - 3 Year Pickup and Return Notebook Service
Support Type: Pickup and Return
Service Name: Service/Support
Care Pack Type: Electronic

Service Information

Service Main Type: Maintenance
Service Sub Type: Physical
Service Characteristic: Labor
Support Type Offsite repair
Duration: 3 Years
Coverage Window: Standard Workdays - 9 hours
Service Method: Depot repair
Service Location: Service Depot
Service Description: 24x7x7 Business Day
Additional Provided Support: Repair
Pick-up & Return
Phone Support
Remote Diagnosis
Live Chat
Parts Replacement

Products Supported

Supported Brand: HP
Supported Products: HP Notebooks
Supported Models: Envy Notebook
Envy/Split x2 Detachable
Pavilion/Slatebook x2 Detachable
Pavilion Notebook
HP ENVY 13-aq0011ms, 13-aq0050od, 13-aq0051ms, 13-aq1013dx, 13-aq1076nr, 13-ba0010nr, 13-ba0025od, 13-ba1010nr, 13-ba1025od, 13-ba1071cl, 13-ba1075nr, 13-ba1076nr, 13-ba1085cl, 15-ep0010nr, 17-ae120nr, 17m-cg0013dx, 17m-ch0013dx ¦ HP ENVY x360 13-ay0001nd, 13-ay0002nd, 13-ay0008au, 13-ay0009au, 13-ay0011nn, 13-ay0040AU, 13-ay0075nr, 13m-bd0023dx, 15-cn1020nr, 15-cn1073wm, 15-cn1076nr, 15-cp0010nr, 15-cp0053cl, 15-cp0078nr, 15-dr1010nr, 15-dr1058ms, 15-dr1070wm, 15-ds1010nr, 15-ds1010wm, 15-ds1063cl, 15-ds1083cl, 15-ed0019tu, 15-ed0150nd, 15-ed0300nd, 15-ed0650nd, 15m-ed0023dx, 15m-ed1013dx, 15m-ed1023dx, 15m-ee0023dx ¦ HP Pavilion 13-an0031wm, 13-bb0010nr, 13-bb0015cl, 14-ce1058wm, 14-ce3064st, 14-ce3065st, 14-ce3750nd, 14-dv0010wm, 14-dv0067st, 14-dv0165st, 15-cs0012cl, 15-cs0072wm, 15-cs2013ms, 15-cs2062st, 15-cs2073cl, 15-cs3025od, 15-cs3027od, 15-cs3055wm, 15-cs3065st, 15-cs3067st, 15-cs3072nr, 15-cs3073cl, 15-cs3075wm, 15-cs3096nr, 15-cs3672cl, 15-cw1068wm, 15-cw1074nr, 15-eg0010nr, 15-eg0015cl, 15-eg0025cl, 15-eg0025od, 15-eg0027od, 15-eg0050wm, 15-eg0055nr, 15-eg0065st, 15-eg0066nr, 15-eg0067st, 15-eg0069nr, 15-eg0070wm, 15-eg0072nr, 15-eg0073cl, 15-eg0074nr, 15-eg0076nr, 15-eg0077nr, 15-eg0079nr, 15-eg0165st, 15-eg0167st, 15-eh0050wm ¦ HP Pavilion Gaming 15-dk0010nr, 15-dk0045cl, 15-dk0051wm, 15-dk0056wm, 15-dk0067cl, 15-dk0068wm, 15-dk1035nr, 15-dk1045tg, 15-dk1056wm, 15-ec0010nr, 15-ec1046nr, 15-ec1073dx, 16-a0010nr, 16-a0020nr, 16-a0025nr, 16-a0030nr, 16-a0032dx, 16-a0035nr, 16-a0045nr, 16-a0046nr, 16-a0051wm, 17-cd0010nr, 17-cd1010nr, 17-cd1030nr, 17-cd1085cl ¦ HP Pavilion x360 11m-ap0023dx, 14-cd1951cl, 14-dh0011nr, 14-dh1056cl, 14-dh2010nr, 14-dh2034nr, 14-dh2051wm, 14-dh2075nr, 14-dh2077nr, 14-dh2671cl, 14-dw1010nr, 14m-dw0013dx, 14m-dw0023dx, 14m-dw1013dx, 14m-dw1023dx, 14m-dw1033dx, 15-dq0061cl, 15-dq0953cl, 15-dq1025od, 15-dq1071cl, 15-dq2020nr, 15-dq2052nr, 15-dq2071cl, 15-er0051nr, 15-er0125od


Warranty Info

  • Limited Warranty period (parts & labor): 3 Year Warranty
  • HP Tech Support Phone #1-800-474-6836


Return Policies

  • Return for refund within: No Returns
  • Return for replacement within: Not Allowed